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Vision & Mission

The Center of Life Sciences!
College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology!

We think of life again. The life that will continue, a hundred, a thousand years later. Healthier, and more beautiful than today. Korea’s future depends on the management of that life. Unending action, thought and research are imperative, with a sustainable passion for life. Korea University will perform that role. And College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology will be its center.

Life Sciences & Biotechnology is a field of study recognized by TIME magazine as one of the ten major technology areas of the 21st century, and a field that many nations designated as a nationally supported field. The Korean government’s “Biotech 2000” plan also chose Life Sciences as an area for concentrated growth.

Cradle of Biotechnology in Korea
Demand-Based Educational System

It is now the common opinion of the world's scientists that the field of biotechnology has established itself as a sustainable center within 21st century industry. The KU College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology, as a cradle of biotechnology representing Korea and the world, focuses on three pillars - undergraduate students, graduate students and research. On these, the college runs unified programs of education and research. As such, we can design our own future, with many opportunities for students to select a major that answer the needs of the market and the society, as well as many other possibilities, such as double majors, fusion majors and minors.

Research-Based College within Top 50 in the world

The KU College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology has as its goal to become a research-based college at a top 50 caliber in the wirld by 2030. It is providing opportunities for its undergraduate and graduate students to attend academic conferences held in various nations, as well as enlarging the participation of Asian regional students and researchers in our facilities, with the desire to host talented studnets from overseas.

Possessing Cutting-Edge Educational Equipment

What is as important as having talented students is having the best infrastructure to supprot these students. KU College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology has cutting-edge educational equipment that connects us to the world and to the future, as well as the largest life science infrastructure in the country, allowing KU to provide the best educational environment.

Global Opportunities

The KU College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology, in order to become a hub of world's life science research, is developing and running its own global program as well asa sharing the global trend to expand the biotechnology filed through an active interchange with foreign universities. The College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology is helping undergraduate students build a global mind by allowing them to attend international academic conferences while also sending students to various foreign schools on short-term programs in order for them to learn the current trends in life sciences research in foreign countries.