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Welcome to College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology!

Korea University's College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology is giving its full support for innovative results in life sciences engineering in it's drive to play a leading role in the development of life sciences in Korea, and the world. This aim is to be achieved by innovations in laboratory-based education, the strengthening of research competitiveness and the administration of innovative cooperative programs. Notably, the College has been selected for the Seoul-area university specialization support program for four consecutive years and for the 1st and 2nd stages of the BK21 project, showing its leadership in the education and research of life sciences in Korea.

KU College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology employs a hundred professors, and enrolls over 1,700 undergraduate and 500 graduate students, making it the largest BT college in Korea. It's focusing on strengthening its global competitiveness by establishing undergraduate programs in Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Food Sciences, as well as unifying the graduate school program. Notably, our talented team of professors, many of whom have had experience in the world’s best universities or research centers, are leading us down a new path in life sciences. We also brighten the hope of life science in the 21st century, with an average of 5 publications per professor each year, as well as the publication of over 200 papers in SCI journals and over 40 patent registrations a year.

KU College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology has advanced research systems, with no distinction between the professors and students in research, and has over 90 research facilities, the largest scale in the country. Furthermore, undergraduate students have greater opportunities for an experiment-based education for their graduation theses, thereby maximizing their research abilities and developing the content of basic experiments. The professors, through international academia, are advancing the image of KU College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology and are working towards further cooperation with foreign universities in research and education.

The College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology is focusing on a strengthening its national competitiveness in BT, as well as the employment of students, through the advancement of practical research education. Cutting-edge infrastructure and active academic-industrial cooperations will lead to productive, applicable results, rather than merely academic results.