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1)     Program : 2017-1 One on One Language Exchange Program

2)     Objectives:

- To build rapport among Korean and International students.

- To share and learn multicultural idea and experiences.

- To learn Korean (for Int’l students), To learn foreign languages (for Korean students).

3)     Qualification:

- For ALL: Students who have enrolled for 2017-1 semester

(those who have applied for leave of absence can not apply)

                 - For Korean student : who is keen on learning foreign languages and committed to teaching.

              - For Int’l student : who is passionate to learn Korean language.

       4) How it works:

             - Period : April 26th(Wed) – June 9th(Fri), 2017 ( 6 weeks program)

             - 2hrs per day, twice a week -> 4hrs per week in total

- No restrictions on study materials and places like classroom. You are free to meet up with your language partner anywhere you feel comfortable such as café, park and so on.

             - Weekly report : reports must be prepared on the given format (will be provided at the orientation) and submitted.

             - Final report : needs to be submitted after the 6 weeks program.

        5) 1:1 Language Exchange Scholarship:

             - An amount of 500,000 KRW would be awarded at the end of semester (in July)

             (Only for those who have successfully completed their weekly reports and final report and submitted on time,    

               Drop out students and its language partners will not be awarded with the scholarship)

        6) How many students? And how are they matched with?

             - 40 Korean students and 40 Int’l students, 80 students in total.

             - A student will be matched with another student as language partners based on his/her major,

               academic performance, study plan, mother tongue and so on.  

        7) Application documents:

            - 1) 1:1 Language Exchange Program application form

            - 2) Academic Tran in Korean

                 (Not applicable for those who have newly joined the University in 2017-1 semester)

        8) When and How to apply?

            - Application period : From March 21st 11:00 to April 3rd 17:00,  2017

            - How to apply?: KUPID(http://portal.korea.ac.kr) -> Log-in -> Scholarship Application -> Scholarship -> Scholarship Application

- Upload 1:1 Language Exchange Program application form along with your Academic Tran in Korean.

         9) Announcement

            - The result will be notified individually via email. (Please write your correct email address)


    * The orientation is scheduled on April 26th (Wed) but is subject to change.

    * If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

      Tel : 02-3290-5174, 5179 / Email : gsc@korea.ac.kr